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International Visas FAQ

Canadian citizens and permanent residents may need a visa to travel to certain countries. More detailed information can be found at the Foreign Affairs and Trade Canada website or by consulting the Canadian Embassy or Consulate in the country you intend to visit.

What is a visa?

A visa is a permit from a country’s government giving permission to stay in a country. It is usually attached to or stamped in your passport.

Where can I get a visa for Brazil?

You can get a visa for Brazil from the Brazilian Embassy in Canada. Likewise if you want a visa for travel to another country you should contact that country’s Embassy or Diplomatic Mission in Canada to apply.

Do I need a visa to travel abroad on vacation? I am a Canadian citizen.

Many countries require a visa. Before you book your travel you should consult with the Embassy of the country you are visiting or Foreign Affairs and Trade Canada.

How can I extend my visa whilst I am still abroad?

You need to contact the nearest Canadian Embassy or Consulate in the country you are staying in. They will advise you on the requirements needed for Canadian’s to visit that country.

How long does it take to get a visa?

The process varies between countries and for this reason you should always check with the embassy of the country you are visiting before you make any travel arrangements.

Can I get my visa when I arrive in the country?

There are some countries where you can obtain a visa on arrival, but most countries demand that you obtain a visa before you travel. Failure to do so could result in your being sent back to Canada on the next available flight.

What will happen if I don’t have a visa?

If the country you’re visiting requires you to obtain a visa before arriving and you do not have one, you will be denied access into the country and will have to return to Canada.

How much will my visa cost?

Visa costs vary from country to country as does the length of time the visa is required. Tourist visas are the cheapest visas. You can find out the cost of the visa you need by contacting the Embassy of the country you intend to visit.

Do I have to send my passport to the Embassy to get my visa?

Yes and for some countries you will have to attend in person. All countries need to see that you have a valid passport that confirms your identity before you travel.

I am a Permanent Resident of Canada. Must I apply for a visa to another country from my country of citizenship?

No. You can apply for your visa in Canada by contacting the Embassy of the country you wish to visit.

Do I need a passport to get a visa?

Yes. You must have a valid passport with at least 6 months remaining validity and at least one blank page where the visa can be attached. Most visas are stamped or attached to your passport.

Do I have to attend an interview for my tourist visa?

Some countries like the United States require all visa applicants to attend a mandatory visa interview. The Embassy of the country you’re planning to visit will advise you if you need to attend an interview. You should leave plenty of time between applying for your visa and booking your travel arrangements because you will either have to ship your passport to the country’s embassy in Canada, or attend in person.

My travel plans have altered. Will my visa still be valid?

Your visa will have an issuance date and an expiry date written onto it. Most visas are valid for at least 90 days, and some for up to 180 days. If your visa has expired before you travel you will have to apply for a new one. If it is about to expire, you will have to obtain an extension through the same office from which you acquired the visa in the first place.

What is the difference between a work visa and a business visa?

A business visa is given to people who want to attend business meetings, exhibitions or conferences in another country as a representative of a foreign business. A work visa is given to people who intend to earn a living in the country so that they can take up employment in the country.

Do children need visas if they are traveling with a parent or are they covered by that of the parent?

Yes. Children regardless of age need a visa although it is unlikely they will have to attend an interview.

What documents do I need to supply to get a visa?

You must supply a valid passport with 6 months remaining validity and at least one blank page for the visa and a completed application form. Some embassies require a photograph. Some countries require proof of a given amount of funds. Each Embassy will have its own requirements according to the visa you are applying for. Generally for business visas you need to supply a letter of invitation from the foreign company you are planning to visit. Some countries require applicants for tourist visas to have a letter of invitation and / or a confirmed hotel booking.

What is the difference between a single entry and a multiple entry visa?

A single entry visa allows you to make one visit to the country. They are cheaper than visas permitting more than one visit. Such visas are known as multiple entry visas. They allow the visa holder to enter the country many times over the period of the visas validity.

I am going on holiday but intend to take a short recreational course whilst I am away. What visa should I apply for?

You should consult with the Embassy of the country you will be visiting. Many countries allow you to take recreational courses on a tourist visa, but some require you to apply for a Student Visitor Visa. If your course lasts more than 6 months you will most likely have to apply for a Student Visa.

Once my visa has been granted can it be taken away from me?

Yes. A visa can be revoked by the issuing authorities if you violate the terms and conditions of the visa or break any laws in the country who issued the visa. You may also find that you are unable to obtain visas to that country in the future.

I need to travel abroad for medical treatment. Do I need a visa?

Yes if you are planning to stay in a country where a visa is required for Canadian citizens. Most countries will issue you with a Tourist Visa if you are traveling solely for the purpose of medical treatment.

Just a question. I am a Canadian citizen and would like to know if I have to get a visa to go to the states?

Most Canadian citizens can travel to the United States with a valid passport and without a visa.

There are exceptions to this rule. For example, a Canadian citizen who has a criminal record or any other ineligibility might be required to apply for a visa. However, they should first request a waiver from the Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection department, which should be obtained at the land border crossing.

If a Canadian plans to attend school or work in the United States, they are required to have specific documents for the appropriate visa category.

Please refer to the following link for more detailed information:

How can I renew my Canadian visa here in Canada?

To extend your stay in Canada, simply apply online:

It is important to apply for an extension 30 days before your current status expires. Once your application is submitted you are allowed to stay in Canada until a decision has been made.

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