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Global Entry

The Global Entry Program is one the trusted traveler initiatives from the United States Customs and Border Protection. It has been designed to expedite customs and immigration clearance into the United States for air travelers who are US citizens or lawful permanent residents.

What is the Global Entry Program?

Global Entry is a trusted traveler program, which allows US citizens and lawful permanent residents to clear US Customs and Immigration faster at US airports.

What is the difference between Global Entry and NEXUS card?

NEXUS card is available to Canadian and US citizens and permanent residents. It can be used for air land and sea travel but only between the US and Canada.

Global Entry is only available to US citizens and permanent residents. It can only be used to expedite entry into the US at major airports but you can travel in from any destination in the world.

I attended my Global Entry interview over 3 weeks ago but I still haven’t received a membership card.

Membership cards have only been issued as part of the Global Entry program since July 12, 2011. If you applied before this date, you must request one via the online application system. It will cost $15. If you applied after this date, you should have received your card within 2 weeks of your approval. The card is only necessary if you wish to make use of NEXUS or SENTRI lanes.

Do I have to be a frequent traveler to apply for the Global Entry program?

No. Whilst the Global Entry program works well for frequent fliers, it is not limited to them and there is no minimum number of trips that you have to take to qualify.

As a Global Entry program member, can I fast track immigration and customs in any other countries?

At the moment you can only expedite entry into the Netherlands at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam using the Privium lanes. You can only do this if you enrolled for FLUX benefits as part of your Global Entry application. You must then attend two separate interviews with border officials from the Netherlands and the US.

I frequently travel with my wife and children. Are they covered by my Global Entry membership?

No. Each member of your family must make an individual application onto the Global Entry program. Children must be aged 14 or over and must have the consent of a parent or legal guardian to join.

What happens at the Global Entry interview?

The interviewing officer will go through your application to verify there are no basic errors and will ask you some questions mainly about how often you travel and your reasons for doing so. You must show original documentation of your passport, driver’s license and PR Card if relevant. You must also take along your conditional approval letter inviting you to interview. Once your documentation is verified your fingerprints will be digitally scanned and your photograph taken. The officer will then inform you if you have been admitted onto the program or not.

I am a Global Entry program member. My passport is due to expire and I will be renewing it shortly. Will this affect my Global Entry membership?

Yes. You must notify a Global Entry Enrolment Center immediately or go online to your GOES account and make the change there.

I have heard that NEXUS card holders can apply for the Global Entry program without paying any fees. Is that true?

Yes, most NEXUS card holders are eligible. US citizens and permanent residents are eligible and now Canadian citizen NEXUS card holders can apply for the Global Entry program. Canadian permanent residents with NEXUS cards cannot yet apply for the program. You will need to get fingerprinted and submit your passport. Customs and Border Protection already has this information, you should be already part of the program. Please log on with GOES (the Global Online Enrolment System) to make sure.

How much does it cost to join the Global Entry program?

You must pay US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) USD $100 to join Global Entry. This is submitted via credit card at the time you apply. If you are denied access to the program the fee will not be refunded. The fee covers 5 years of membership after which time you must renew your membership and pay another CBP fee.

Will I be able to use Global Entry at more airports soon?

At the moment, the Global Entry program is only a temporary test project. Since it has become successful, it will become a permanent system in the future. After it become permanent, additional airports may participate.

Is there such a thing as a Global Entry Card?

As of July 12, 2011, the Global Entry program now provides members with a card for land travel between Canada, the United States and Mexico (if the member doesn’t already hold a NEXUS or SENTRI card). This card cannot be used at airports in place of your passport. It must be activated online before its first use.

Does the new Global Entry card cost extra money?

If you have become a member since July 12, 2011, there are no additional fees. If you became a member before July 12, 2011, and you would like a card it costs $15. You do not need to get a card to stay a member of the program.

I have been in the Global Entry program since 2009; do I need to get a card now?

No. You can buy a card for $15 if you do not have a NEXUS/SENTRI card and would like to use the NEXUS/SENTRI lanes.

Why should I get a Global Entry card if I am already a member?

You should only get a Global Entry card if you are not a NEXUS/SENTRI card holder. The Global Entry card is only usable at land crossings in the NEXUS/SENTRI lanes. It is usable at all SENTRI lanes, but it is only usable in NEXUS lanes heading into the United States. You cannot use the Global Entry card to enter Canada.

Do I use my Global Entry card at the airport?

No. You must use your valid passport or permanent residence (I-551) card at the airport kiosk. The Global Entry card is for car travel only.

I want to renew my membership. What do I need to do?

You must submit your renewal application and the fee. You will be notified through the GOES online system whether or not you need an interview.

Do I need a Global Entry sticker on my passport?

No. You do not need the sticker to use the program. However, the sticker identifies you to customs officials as a member. It is better to have one to avoid delays.

How do I get a Global Entry sticker on my passport?

You must visit any Global Entry or NEXUS center to have a sticker attached to your passport.

I have a criminal record but my conviction was years ago. Can I become a Global Entry program member?

No. A criminal conviction disqualifies you from being “low-risk” traveler in the eyes of the Customs and Border Protection agency. Applicants should obtain a pardon before applying.

If I have a US entry visa, am I eligible for the Global Entry program?

Some visa holders are eligible and some are not. Please see this list for who is not eligible.

I’m a Canadian NEXUS card holder. Should I become a Global Entry program member?

If you have already been fingerprinted for your NEXUS card, and the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agency has your passport information on file, you are technically already a member of the Global Entry program. As a Canadian, you should remain a NEXUS member as Global Entry card holders cannot use NEXUS lanes when returning to Canada. If you wish to use Global Entry kiosks in US airports, you should check online whether you need to provide CBP any additional information to use these kiosks.

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